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Stanford Marguerite Shuttle Routes

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Ardenwood Ex - Ardenwood Express Service to Ardenwood Park n Ride   

Bohannon - Bohannon Shuttle from Bohannon Drive to the Stanford Barn   

EB - East Bay Express   

Line C - Stock Farm parking lots, Stanford West Apartments, Classic Residence by Hyatt, the Medical Center and the Main Quad in between.   

Line HD - Hoover Direct: serving Quarry Rd @ Palo Rd (Hoover Pavilion) and Medical Center (Quarry Rd & Roth Way)   

Line N - Downtown Palo Alto, the Oval, Medical Center, Munger Graduate Residences, Vaden Health Residences, Escondido Village, Palo Alto Transit Center   

Line O - Palo Alto Escondido Village, Vaden Health Center, Munger Graduate Residences, Tresidder, West Residences, Medical Center, Palo Alto Transit Center   

Line P - Serving the Palo Alto Transit Center, the Stanford Oval, Cantor Arts Center, Medical Center, and Quarry Road at Vineyard Road. Service between the Palo Alto Transit Center and the Stanford Oval during peak commute hours.   

Line R - California Ave to Stanford Blood Center   

Line S - SLAC / Rosewood Hotel   

Line SE - Shopping Express: serving Med Center, El Camino, and San Antonio Rd   

Line W - Hoover Pavilion   

Line X - Palo Alto Transit Center, Stanford Shopping Center, Stanford Medical Center, Schwab and Knight Centers   

Line Y - Palo Alto Transit Center, Alumni Center, Schwab and Knight Centers, LKSC, Stanford Medical Center, Stanford Medical Center   

MedCtr-LOOP - Medical Center Loop Shuttle   

OCA - Oak Creek Apartments   

Research Pk - Research Park Shuttle   

SLAC - between SLAC and Hoover Tower by way of the Oak Creek Apartments located on Sand Hill Road, West Campus Residences, and the Science & Engineering Quad   

TECH - Palo Alto TECH Center-Stanford Medical Center   

1050 Arastra - Medical Center to 1050 Arastradero   


VA - VA Tram   

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