Trip Planner Tips

Plan a Trip — Summaries

  • The trip planner typically presents a choice of four trip summaries initially (sometimes more when more trips score equally well on your stated preferences). At a glance you see the total trip fare, total length of time, departure and arrival times, total walk time, and icons representing the modes of travel for the trip.
  • Fare includes transfer discount assumptions.
  • Length includes walking and transfer wait time from start to end.
  • Fastest trip is based on the earliest arrival time, not the least amount of time on board the vehicles.
  • Walking time between any two points is based on a default medium walking speed (this can be changed to a slower or faster speed under Additional Options).
  • Why isn't the first trip shown in the Summaries always highlighted initially? Because the trip planner returns at least one trip that is immediately before your specified preference time, in case you decide to leave earlier than originally planned, for Leave at. For Arrive by, the highlighted trip is close to the bottom of the Summaries, because the optimal trip for Arrive by is considered to be the one that arrives closest to your specified time.
  • You see details of the highlighted trip in the Transit Trip Itinerary section below Summaries for the highlighted summary trip. To view detailed itineraries of other trip options, click on another trip from this Summaries section.
  • Earlier Trips shows the trips immediately before your specified time that meet your preference criteria and Later Trips shows those immediately after your specified time.
  • First Trip of the Day shows the earliest trips using your preferences that can be made that day, and Last Trip of the Day shows the last trips that day using your preferences.

Plan a Trip — Itineraries

  • The itinerary details each leg of the journey.
  • Reverse Trip reverses your start and end point, taking you back to the entry form to set your other preferences.
  • Revise this trip reopens the entry form with the last entries you used. Create new itinerary resets the trip planner with a blank entry form to start a new trip plan entry.
  • You can print an itinerary using the Printable Version link.

To help us improve the 511 Transit Trip PlannerSM, please send us your comments and suggestions using our online comment form at the bottom of your returned trip planner itinerary page.