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San Francisco Nine-County Bay Area Transit Data Feed

Introducing the 511 Transit Static Data Feed

The Transit Data Feed allows various user groups, i.e., the private sector, transit agencies, researchers, and others, to download Bay Area transit data on a regular basis to use in their applications and research efforts. The 511 Transit: "Static Data Feed" allows user groups to download Transit Data for the thirty-six Transit Agencies serving the San Francisco nine-County Bay Area and included in the Regional Transit Database. The Transit Agencies include, for example AC Transit, SF Muni, BART, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, Fairfield and Suisun City Transit (FAST), samTrans, and other transit agencies serving Bay Area as shown at this link transit coverage

Types of Transit Data

The Transit Data Feed includes data types mentioned below for all the included Transit Agencies:
SchedulesStopsTimepointsRoute/Route Pattern

Format and Frequency of Transit Data Feed

The Transit Data Feed is provided in either "CSV" (Comma-Separated Values) or "GTFS" (Google Transit Feed Specification) format. CSV (also known as a comma-separated list or Comma-Separated Variable) is a text file that stores tabular data. CSV can be parsed and extracted easily into MS-Excel, MS-Access or any Relational Database Management System. A detailed transit data dictionary will be provided to the user, along with the transit data, upon acceptance of the usage agreement. For detailed information on GTFS format click here.

The Transit Data is updated on a daily basis. The user groups can automate the data download through http server or manually access the transit data through a web interface, depending on their business needs. Data can be selected for individual agencies, group of agencies, or the entire regional dataset.

Transit Data Feed Access Process

License Agreement
Transit Data Feed Access Process

Fee Associated with 511 Transit Static Data Feed

There is no fee associated with the Transit Data Feed, but a signed usage agreement executed between the Data Feed Recipient and MTC is required for participants.

Contact Information for questions:
Email: Transit@511.org
Fax: 510 663-0899
Attention: 511 Transit Static Data Feed
MTC, 101 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA 94607-4700