Departure Times Texting(SMS)

Need real-time transit departure predictions while on the go? Request and receive Departure Times by SMS/Texting. By sending a simple text message, you can receive a response message that includes up to three predictions for each route that serves your stop.
To use the service:
  • Text, "511 [your Stop ID #]" to DOTORG (368674). (For example, if your Stop ID # is 13057, you would text "511 13057" to DOTORG (368674)).
  • For help, text “511 help” to DOTORG (368674).
  • Though 511 does not charge for texting, standard message and data rates by your phone carrier may apply for sending and/or receiving text messages.
Don't know your Stop ID#? Use the Stop ID lookup tool.
For more information about Departure Times and the SMS/Texting service, review the Departure Times FAQs.
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