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Departure Times Now Available for Caltrain and VTA
New! Real-Time Departures on 511 Mobile
Now Text for Departure Times!
Departure Times Now Available for Caltrain and VTA

Now you can get real-time departure predictions for Muni, BART, WestCAT, AC Transit, Dumbarton Express, the Broadway Shuttle, SamTrans, Caltrain, and VTA bus service. To find out when your next vehicle will depart, simply use the Real-Time Departures tool. Or, use the Stop ID Lookup tool to find Stop ID numbers online. Please note that the AC Transit All-Nighter (800) routes and the VTA light rail routes are not yet available, and will be added in the coming months. Plus, when you're on the go, you can call 511, Text, or visit 511 Mobile ( website for real-time departures. On the phone, just say "Departure Times" at the main menu. And, you can always use MY 511 to build your own transit information home page and bypass phone menu options to get predictions for your customized transit trips FAST. Visit for details.

In the future, 511 will also provide predictions for Golden Gate Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus, and possibly other agencies. Look for this added information in coming months.

 New! Real-Time Departures on 511 Mobile

The 511 Mobile website now includes the new Real-Time Transit Departures tool. Just point the browser on your mobile device to and select the Real-Time Transit Departures tool at the top of the 511 Mobile Tools list. With this tool you can enter your Stop ID # and receive up to three real-time departure predictions for each route that serves your stop. If you do not know your Stop ID #, you can use the Stop ID Look-up tool conveniently located next to the Stop ID entry box. You can then select your transit agency, route, and direction to receive a list of all corresponding stops. From that list, find the name of the stop you are looking for and click on the Stop ID # next to the stop name to receive real-time departure predictions for your stop.

 Now Text for Departure Times!

511 Departure Times texting is here! To request and receive departure predictions by SMS/text message, simply text "511 [Stop ID #]" to DOTORG (368674). For example, for departure predictions for a stop with Stop ID # 14448, send the following text to DOTORG (368674): 511 14448. 511 will immediately send a text response that includes up to three departure times for each route that serves your stop. Visit the Departure Times Texting page for more details, or use the Stop ID Lookup tool to find Stop ID numbers online. Please note that while 511 does not charge for texting, your mobile service provider might. Refer to your service plan for details.

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